New Tradition is one of the fastest growing media companies in the United States, providing out-of-home advertising to national clients and agencies.  We believe in honoring the tradition of out-of-home advertising while promoting new technologies and innovation.  We stand apart from our competition with our unmatched commitment to developing premium signage and our deep-rooted experience in the out-of-home media industry. Our reputation is built on more than 45 collective years of experience.  Our company’s corporate roots can be traced back to the founder’s success at JCDecaux, Van Wagner and Titan Worldwide.  Our media portfolio and products go beyond advertising displays, instead, they are platforms that allow us to create an experience for our valued partners.  We view the out-of-home landscape as a canvas for delivering messages and sharing ideas.


Audience -We reach people where they are most of their day; ‘out of the home’.  Out-Of-Home media connects with consumers during their commute, on their lunch break, while shopping, and en route to leisure activities, often being the last message received before making a buying decision. OOH can be evaluated against media objectives like impressions, reach or ratings and demographic attributes.


Environment - New Tradition operates across 3 key environments, City Centers, Interstates/Highways, and Transit Hubs. We believe environment and location is central to any out-of-home campaign. The environment sets the tone for the brand, providing the editorial context for the creative copy.  The best out-of-home creative pays homage to this, and audiences understand when the placement of an advertising display is relevant to the physical environment.


Services-New Tradition is dedicated to meeting our client’s objectives and making the out-of-home buying process a simple and effective experience. We have integrated mapping and inventory management control systems to seamlessly execute campaigns and provide transparent, proof of performance reports. Additionally, our in-house creative team specializes in facilitating with the development of outdoor advertising creative.




Woven into the fabric of our day-to-day lives, Large format displays deliver huge, unavoidable visibility for brands in high profile environments.  In the right location with the right message, our static and digital displays demand attention and deliver long lasting impression.

New Tradition focuses on hand selecting strategic locations in the Top DMA’s based on: quality of the environment, audience delivery, and the attention & exposure the unit commands.   These large format opportunities offer an unlimited creative palate to showcase a brand and the premium positioning of our signage draws consumers attention with impact and prestige.



In collaboration with the Control Group, New Tradition represents the first-ever place based digital network in the NYC subway system.  This first of its kind signage network will reach a system that carries 1.6 billion riders per year and will create a new subway experience that will improve communications and interactions between the MTA, advertisers and riders.  Currently displays are located across 13 of the top traffic stations at strategically positioned touch points.  Replacing paper maps, The new On The Go (OTG)

interactive HD displays will deliver real-time information, including simple visual station directions with transfers & line alerts, countdown to arrival, relevant service updates, neighborhood maps & information, and digital content loops.



New Tradition specializes in capturing hard to reach consumers during the peak summer months at popular beach destinations around the country.  We offer three distinct mediums that reach this highly sought after consumer base including Aerial Banners, Branded Sailboats & Taxi Wraps.  We capture consumers while they are in a relaxed mind set in a leisure environment.




Value Creation is the core of our business.  New Tradition helps landowners maximize incremental revenue and increase equity value in their property.  We invest in signage, develop signage and actualize revenue by selling media at maximum rates and maximum occupancy.  Having consulted on some of the largest real estate transactions in recent years and having developed many high profile signs throughout the country, we have an unmatched understanding of the Outdoor Advertising industry.



Our 360 degree approach includes obtaining all municipal approvals, permits, leasing, strategic positioning of advertising displays, and management and maintenance of all signage.  We also offer comprehensive insurance and indemnify property owners from any unforseen damages. New Tradition Media is dedicated to servicing your needs.




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